SEOptimer has had a serious facelift!

seoptimer facelift

We’ve been working hard to make SEOptimer better than ever. We’ve re­platformed the entire site and introduced hundreds of new features.


These include:


  • Much more detailed SEO report including:
    • Social indicators from a variety of social networks
    • New Performance section tells you how large your site and files are, as well as some suggestions to optimize load speed
    • UI/Mobile tells you about the look and feel and responsiveness of your site
    • New Technology section tells you what technology your site is using under the hood
    • New Security section gives you some handy hints for better securing your website
  • New completely free tools available from the main page such as meta tag, keyword generators
  • The SEOptimer Blog has been re­introduced and we’ll be looking to start adding more regular and relevant SEO content ­ stay tuned!
  • Entire site is now Mobile and iPad optimized


We hope you love the new look site. We’d love to hear any feedback you have ­ you can use the widget in the bottom right of the screen.

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