How to Change Wix Page Title and Meta Tags

Different CMS platforms provides different steps to how you can update your Title Tags and Meta Description for each page or post. This guide is here to help you optimize each page or posts based on our Title Tag SEO Guide and Meta Description SEO Guide.


Wix is fairly easy compared to WordPress where it needs additional plugin to optimize both Title and Meta Description. However, there are some concern in regards to SEO. We’ve separated this guide into two parts:


Wix title tag optimization

Wix meta description optimization


Updating title on Wix page section


In order for you to change your title tag on your site, you need to go to Site Menu > Find the page > More options (for that specific page) > Page SEO:


add title tag wix


You’ll be directed to the SEO (Google) section of the Page Settings where you can enter your title tag in the first input field.


The first input “What’s the page’s title on search results and browser tabs?” Is where you would enter your title.


Where to add your title tag and meta description with WIX


You can also add your meta description for your page here as well.


Updating title on Wix post section


To add your title tag on your post, you can click on Post Settings (screenshot below):


add title wix post


Select SEO section of the setting and you can enter your title tag in the input form where it said “What’s the title on search engines?”. Once you’ve entered your title tag, you can hit Done.

wix post setting seo for title tag

You can also add your meta description in this same Page SEO section.


How to write a great meta description with WIX


As you already noticed, meta description is located in the same place as your title tag input. In order for you to add your meta description, click on the Manage Menu button and click on the pages options and select Page SEO.


add title tag meta description wix


The second input, “What’s the page about,” is where you would enter your meta description.

Where to add your title tag and meta description with WIX

When adding meta description to your posts, you can click on the Post Settings > SEO.


add title wix meta description post


Add your meta description where it says “What’s the post about? (Post Description)”. Click Done.


wix post setting seo for title tag

Avoid using the same title as your heading and don’t use the same content on your page for your meta description. Your page name should be different than your SEO title tag on Wix as discussed on our title tag guide:


add meta description wix


On your Wix blog, the title of the article should be different than the title tag, since your title tag is visible on SERP and other areas.

title tag wix blog


With the example above, the title of the article is “Things to do in Hallandale” while this title is a good one, our title tag is written as “Looking for things to do in Hallandale Beach, FL?”


If you highlight your title and click on Inspect Element, you’ll notice that the title of the article is <h1>:

title wix inspect element


If you do not add a different title tag on Wix Post SEO settings, your title tag will be the same as the title of your article.


You now know how to change your Wix site title tag and meta description. There are things to avoid, as well as, be able to provide more data for search engine crawlers to understand your intent to match with your users. By providing users a question or crafting the title specific for users and their intent, you will get better click through rate and conversion.

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